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Structural Engineering:
Structural engineers have an impact in every aspect of our lives. Every single building, every piece has got structure in it, Our Engineers deals from detailing the steel beam of a modern house extension to calculating the stress distribution on a multi story building. With many years of experience, our Structural Engineering Division boasts a reputable service of delivering high calibre engineers matching engineering in today’s market from small, medium and large consultancies across local, nationwide and globally. We can supply all levels of expertise capable of carrying out any size of the project within the required period using the latest cutting edge technology. Our Structural Engineers actually take time visiting sites to check that the project is in accordance with the design.

Quantity surveyor:
We got a highly dedicated team of Quantity Surveyors, ready to prepare estimates and cost plans, list the labour and materials needed as well as the estimated costs either on a consultation bases for tenders or managing the whole projects all the way. Once the project is under way, our quantity surveyor goes on site continually monitors the actual costs being incurred, drawing attention to any variations from the estimate.
Site Engineer/ Surveyor:
We supply a complete package of Site Engineers /Surveyors for setting out services for building and civil construction industry nationwide and globally if required, working on ground works, steel frames, piping for sewer and drainage works, road works such as highways and bridges for short and long term projects from commencement to completion of the project. Our engineers are highly capable of taking projects which are or have fallen behind the schedule because  we understand  how  important  it is keeping up to or ahead of schedule mantaince and reduces  coast.

Other services
We supply construction workforce from laburers, welders , Semi skilled and skilled personnel to all sorts of construction industry be it road construction to infrastructure construction such as welders, carpenters, bricklayers etc.